Create a Statement with Understairs Lighting Solutions

Plenty of small spaces can benefit from understairs lighting, including wine storage areas and cupboard spaces underneath your stairs. A qualified electrician can help you create understairs lighting solutions that perfectly suit your space and add value to your home in the process. Keep reading to discover how you can create understairs lighting solutions that will turn those unappealing understairs spaces into real showstoppers!

How To Make Your Space Stand Out

Are you tired of the shadows lurking in your hallway or underneath your staircase? Do you have that closet space under your stairs but no idea what to do with it? Look no further! There are several ways you can use the space in your home under the stairs to make your home stand out and be functional at the same time. With a little imagination and some hard work, you can create something extraordinary out of something that seems like just wasted space.

Here are our favourite ideas for creating a statement with understairs lighting solutions fitted by the professionals at All Phase.

How to Light a Small Space

In order to prevent any risk to your electrical system, you need to be very careful when trying to install any lighting under the stairs. It is best left to qualified professionals. While planning your lighting scheme, ensure you don’t forget about safety first. Remember that this is a high-traffic area of your home therefore, you should always hire a professional to help install new lighting and fixtures to ensure it’s up to the latest safety standards.

Understairs Lighting Solutions for Wine Storage

Wine storage is a great option for under the stairs. Light up your favourites under the stairs for easy access, and this statement storage will also lend itself to a unique feature in your home.

Here is an example of our latest lighting installation as an example of how hiring a professional electrician to light up the space under your stairs can add a ‘wow’ factor to your home.

Understairs lighting solutions for wine storage.

Feel inspired by this installation? Contact All Phase today for a free quote for your understairs wine storage lighting.

Electrical Safety Tips For Understairs Lighting

If you’re going to take on an electrical project for your home, it’s critical to understand some safety basics. Never hire an unqualified or uninsured electrician. Always have a qualified professional like All Phase carry out the work to ensure all your electrical work is up to code. A trusted electrician is the only way to ensure your installation is safe—they can also help you plan and look at available options for your budget. Get help from All Phase Electrical Contractors if you need ideas, advice or help.