Fire safety equipment
& maintenance

offering the best service possible, whatever the job

It’s a legal requirement in many properties to have a fully operational fire alarm system, and All Phase takes pride in providing the highest standards of design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the latest fire safety technology.

Our fire alarm systems are designed, installed and commissioned to comply with all current and relevant British standards, BS 5839 parts 1 to 6 for Grade A to Grade F.

All Phase’s specialist team will design and install any fire alarm system to suit your exact requirements. We can supply a full spectrum of fire alarm systems from Grade A to Grade F analogue addressable systems to conventional or radio-link wireless systems for industrial, commercial or domestic premises.

In addition, we also offer Redcare remote monitoring for all of our installations. Redcare is a remote monitoring service which is triggered in the event of a fire.

Security Services

All Phase also provides a wide range of closed-circuit television (CCTV) security and door-entry systems to suit your needs – from surveillance cameras which can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world, to key fob-activated intercom systems for small to large premises.

Having the right surveillance equipment in place will not only increase your security but will also give you peace of mind, making you feel safer at work or at home.