10 Stunning Bathroom Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

In need of bathroom lighting ideas? Your bathroom may be the only place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, so you must design your space to help bring your stress levels down to zero.

10 Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom lighting is one of the most significant factors in creating this atmosphere, and there are multiple ways you can use it to achieve this goal. You can transform your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and tranquillity by taking inspiration from some beautiful lighting ideas shared by fully qualified and insured electricians. Here are 10 stunning bathroom lighting ideas for your inspiration.

1) LED Lights

LED lights are a great option for bathrooms. They can be installed anywhere in the room, and they don’t generate heat or require much power. You can install them on the ceiling or along the walls to create a more personalised look.

2) Pendant Lights

Pendant lights can add drama to a bathroom. Create an inviting and luxurious feel. They are also great for low ceilings because they will instantly transform the look of a space. However, you’ll need to be careful about what you’re hanging them on, as some materials will not hold up to the weight of a pendant light.

3) Chandeliers

A chandelier will elevate your bathroom design if you’re looking for a hotel-style bathroom. Chandeliers are perfect for creating a statement piece or focal point in your bathroom to make the whole space feel more glamorous. Don’t be afraid to go big – there are plenty of options with very high ceilings or bathrooms with other prominent architectural features that can accommodate the chandelier beautifully.

4) Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are one of the most popular and stylish ways to light up your bathroom sink or vanity area. Wall sconces have a variety of styles, from contemporary, rustic, to transitional. All you need is your choice of light fixture and an electrician in Brighton for installation.

5) Ceiling Lights

Don’t overlook the basics – especially if you are on a budget. Ceiling lights are a must in any bathroom, and there are plenty of options for those on a budget. The most popular option is a flush mount fixture which can be used for both overhead lighting or to provide ambient light. You can also save money by installing recessed lights yourself. However, if you are unsure about what you are doing, ensure you seek professional advice.

6) Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are popular for modern bathrooms and rental properties. Not only do they provide a bright, even light that’s perfect for make-up application and shaving, but they also conceal the fixture, so you don’t have to worry about an ugly bathroom light going unnoticed. If you’re looking to add recessed lighting to your bathroom, there are a few things you need to consider before installing. Hiring a local electrician will ensure this task is done correctly.

Bathroom lighting ideas
Get bathroom lighting ideas and design inspiration from our qualified electricians.

7) Light Bulbs

Choosing the right light bulbs for your space is the most important aspect of any lighting design. There are many different types of bulbs to choose from, and it is worth considering what type of bulbs will deliver the best results design-wise. For example, LED lights will provide a softer light than fluorescent while halogen bulbs produce a warmer glow. In addition, use different colours of light throughout your space if you want to create a specific mood or ambience.

8) Mirrors

Mirrors are a perfect way to add light to a bathroom and make it seem more spacious. There are many different types of lights you can use, but one of the most popular is mirror lights. These lights will make a feature out of a common bathroom feature.

9) Vanity Lights

Vanity lights are a great way to illuminate your mirror, eliminating shadows and giving you better lighting when applying make-up or shaving. To ensure the best level of light, fixtures should be mounted on either side of the mirror.

10) Installations

Hire a professional electrician in Brighton to fit your bathroom lighting. You’ll be able to transform any room with the proper lighting, and you won’t have to worry about wiring or confusing technicalities.

Bring Your Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Life

Hiring a professional and trusted electrician during your bathroom renovation will ensure that you don’t need to re-do work – especially if you are tiling over walls with new lighting fixtures.

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